House Republicans Introduce H.R. 1 to Restore American Energy Independence

House Republicans Introduce H.R. 1 to Restore American Energy Independence

March 10, 2023

This week President Biden released his unrealistic budget proposal, which includes eliminating tax benefits for American oil and natural gas production. Biden and his administration are doing everything possible to keep his promise to shut down oil and drilling. Fortunately, yesterday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy H.R. 1, the “Lower Energy Costs Act.” Which aims to restore Energy Independence by fixing permitting, promoting new refineries and increasing mining.

The Hill reports,

“The bill, called the Lower Energy Costs Act, is expected to include a large slate of energy policy proposals. It includes proposals aimed at speeding up the country’s approval process for energy and mining as well as limiting states’ ability to block projects like pipelines that run through their waters, according to press releases from the House Natural Resources and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.”

Thanks to President Biden’s war on American energy, families have experienced record-breaking inflation for the past two years. So, it is refreshing to see American lawmakers introducing legislation to restore our energy independence and lower energy bills. 

Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner applauds the Lower Energy Costs Act,

“This is the cure for record gas prices and crippling inflation that plague our families. We’ve all witnessed the harmful consequences of embracing the failed green agenda, and that’s why HR-1 must move quickly through Congress with bipartisan support. The eco-left has set the agenda for the last two years and the disastrous results speak for themselves. Thanks to Speaker McCarthy, a new day is here and America can get back to work producing the most affordable and reliable energy in the world.”