House Dems Look to Drive a Pick-Axe into US Mining’s Potential

House Dems Look to Drive a Pick-Axe into US Mining’s Potential

September 3, 2021

The recent announcement that members of the Democratic majority in Congress were looking to dramatically raise royalty rates on American mining extractions were, to put it mildly, another slap in the face of America’s energy community.

But with eco-Left darling Jared Huffman (D-CA) and his background as an attack dog (er, attorney) with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) leading the way, American mining may face new challenges to bring critical minerals and rare earths to market.

Huffman’s quote in the announcement says what he feels about America’s mining (emphasis added): “We are going to need more of certain minerals, there is no doubt about that, and some of that can and should come from the United States,” he said.

We disagree, Congressman.  Everything possible should come from the United States, not “some”.

The Democrats’ proposed royalty rate would be targeted to of all hard rock minerals, including things that are not critical minerals, such as copper, gold, and silver.  If royalty rates are enacted – 8% for new mines and 4% for existing ones – companies will need to adjust other expenses, including labor, to cover those costs. If Jared Huffman and his eco-cronies in Congress would rather see American jobs impacted and families struggle as a result, while jobs under Chinese-, Russian- and even Taliban-control thrive, that is repugnant.