House Democrats Put Alaska In Their Crosshairs – And Alaska’s Leaders Are Fighting Back

House Democrats Put Alaska In Their Crosshairs – And Alaska’s Leaders Are Fighting Back

July 2, 2019

The Democrat-led House has put Alaska in its crosshairs, and Alaska’s leaders are fighting back, reports the National Journal.

This week, House Democrats passed spending legislation that included provisions to harm Alaska’s energy and resource development industry.

The National Journal explains,

“The House passed a minibus spending bill this week that includes a controversial provision to require national minimum bids for oil and gas development in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And Democrats pushed through, on a largely partisan basis, language to ban public funds from being used to build logging roads in the nation’s largest national forest…”

This is yet another case of Outside politicians trying to dictate how Alaskans should live and work. These House Democratic politicians don’t live in Alaska, and they most definitely don’t know what Alaskans want.

If they did, they’d understand that Alaska’s economy relies on responsible resource development, and that development in ANWR and roads necessary for logging are critical components of an economically vibrant Alaska.

So why are House Democrats taking aim at our way of life? Its likely because of the influence of the eco-left. The National Journal reports that eco-groups like the Alaska Wilderness League are “putting their weight behind the provision.”

Fortunately, Alaska’s leaders are standing up for Alaskan jobs.

Alaska Rep. Don Young is labeling the Democrats’ bill a “disaster for Alaska” and calling them out for having “never been to Alaska.”

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan blasted House Democrats, saying they “spend all their time trying to shut down my state, trying to lock up my state, trying to make sure my citizens don’t have economic opportunities. And I’ll fight it to the last dying breath that I have,” Sen. Dan Sullivan.

Alaskans should be proud to have leaders who are standing up to the eco-left’s extremism.