Hollywood Hypocrites Preach Green Agenda While Their Industry Has A Huge Footprint

Hollywood Hypocrites Preach Green Agenda While Their Industry Has A Huge Footprint

February 7, 2020

Taking a stand against climate change and promoting environmentally radical practices has been a very apparent fad in Hollywood and amongst liberal elites. Yet, the very spokespeople preaching to the public about climate change are among the biggest emitters.

According to Bloomberg Green:

While some changes can be affordably and permanently made on the lot, many productions are like a circus moving between towns to incorporate different settings. The only reliable way to power the lights and trailers is by running generators powered by diesel, the most polluting refined oil product. Diesel emits almost 40% more carbon dioxide than natural gas when burned.

Most studios attempt to track the impact of those generators, along with other emitting activities. The data is compiled in a carbon footprint report for each movie or TV show, using a form designed by the members of the Green Production Guide, an initiative sponsored by most of the major studios. Those reports are kept private, however, making it difficult to know the environmental impact of any motion picture. The lack of transparency also makes it difficult to track whether productions are becoming more sustainable on average.

These studios partake in “dirty practices” daily on set using sound stages, single-use plastic, frequent air travel, lighting, and computer-generated graphics to name a few. Despite this, they still demand average Americans change their lifestyles to adopt expensive environmental guidelines.

The article went on to say: A representative of WME said Phoenix was unavailable to comment on actions he takes on set to reduce emissions. Four other actors who gave speeches about the Australian fires and climate change at the Golden Globes, including Blanchett and Patricia Arquette, also were unavailable to speak about actions they take on set, according to publicists, as well as climate advocates Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

These climate activists don’t practice what they preach and are the biggest supporters of the eco-left representatives pushing Green New Deal policies in Washington.