Caving to the Eco-Left: Peltola Fails Alaska With Actions

Caving to the Eco-Left: Peltola Fails Alaska With Actions

May 3, 2024

Mary Peltola, Alaska Democrat and its lone member of Congress, sure changed decided to forget who she represents in a hurry.

Peltola earned praise for being the prime co-sponsor of legislation (HR 6285) to take back Congress’ authority when it comes to oil and gas development in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A).  The resolution drew the ire of environmentalists when it was introduced last November, and Peltola was a prime target of their angst.

Then, this week Peltola made a move that originally had veteran Alaska politicos bewildered.  She shockingly voted “Present” when her HR 6285 was up for a vote on the House floor.   Why wouldn’t she support her own legislation?

A few hours later, a nefarious reason for her “Present” vote was revealed. Must Read Alaska broke a story about how Peltola  encouraged her Democrat colleagues in the House to vote against her own bill.

Peltola is in a tough re-election race in a state that is sure to vote for President Trump in November.  Finding pockets of support will be critical for her as she tries to hold off Republican challengers Nick Begich III and current Alaska Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom. 

Perhaps those votes are more important to her than sound energy policy, Alaskan jobs, revenues for local, state and federal coffers and keeping her positions consistent? 

One thing is for sure: her actions cost her significant credibility with Power The Future.