“Green New Deal” Under Fire From Left, Right & Center

“Green New Deal” Under Fire From Left, Right & Center

February 13, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” continued to come under fire yesterday from all sides of the political spectrum, providing further evidence that her extreme plan is going nowhere fast.

First, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he would call the left’s bluff and bring the “Green New Deal” up for a vote in the Senate.

“I’ve noted with great interest the Green New Deal,” said McConnell. “And we’re going to be voting on that in the Senate.”

Strangely, proponents of the “Green New Deal” were not happy that the legislation they claim is necessary to prevent an existential global crisis would be up for a vote. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, Ocasio-Cortez’s Senate sponsor of the “Green New Deal,” attacked McConnell on Twitter for pledging a vote on the bill.

Markey tweeted that McConnell was engaging in a “Republican trick” and that this is “an attempt to sabotage the movement.”

Weird. Usually, Senators like when their bills are voted on.

The “Green New Deal” also drew fire from both the center and the left last night. Potential independent Presidential candidate and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz lambasted the proposal during a CNN town hall, saying that the plan is “not realistic.”

“When I read the Green New Deal and I try to understand what they’re suggesting, I don’t understand how you’re going to give a job to everybody, how you’re going to give free college to everybody, how you’re going to create clean energy throughout the country in every building of the land, and then tally this thing up with $32 trillion on Medicare for All. That’s about $40 trillion plus, we are sitting…with $22 trillion of debt on the balance sheet of America,” Schultz said.

Left-wing commentators have also begun criticizing the “Green New Deal.”

Progressive writer Jonathan Chait called the proposal a “bad idea” while Mother Jones called parts of the plan “undeniably vague.”

With its extreme, half-baked ideas, the “Green New Deal” is predictably becoming unpopular among people from all political persuasions. As we have repeatedly said, Americans are too smart for this kind of nonsense. Finally, some elements of the left are catching up with the American people.