Green Groups On A $100 Million Spending Spree 

Green Groups On A $100 Million Spending Spree 

September 14, 2018

A story in the Washington Post gleefully details how much money the anti-energy green radicals platoon is spending to elect their puppets, specifically citing the League of Conservation Voters, who “is planning to spend $60 million to help Democrats win back Congress.” 

And what do these green groups plan on doing with this money?  Supporting the men and women who live in Steyervilles? Workers whose jobs they took away in the name of junk science and ideology?  No- they will make phone calls (ahem… electricity?) and run ads on social media (oh boy… more electricity) to convince voters that electricity is bad.  That 3.8% unemployment is bad.  That America being the #1 Oil producer in the world is bad.  That 4,000 coal miners returning to work is bad.

They have their work cut out for them.  Immigration, healthcare, education and the economy are the top issues for voters, and average Americans are happy to see their neighbors going back to work and finally making more money than ever before.

Green groups continue to wear the disguise of solely caring about the environment. But it’s clear what they really care about is politics and power.  With CO2 falling and Superfund sites being prioritized in the midst of an economic boom, we can have both prosperity and ecology.  Those who don’t believe that are not looking out for America’s best interests, but their own, or, in the cases of National Resources Defense Council, a foreign interest.

Let’s hope the voters aren’t duped no matter how much carbon these groups generate to push their agenda.

And FYI here’s a breakdown of just some green groups’ election-year spending to put energy workers out of a job:

The League of Conservation Voters: $60 million

The National Resources Defense Council: $2 million

The Sierra Club: $6 million

Tom Steyer / NextGen America: $32 million