Green Groups Call on Biden to Deliver on His Promises to Fight Climate Change

Green Groups Call on Biden to Deliver on His Promises to Fight Climate Change

December 8, 2020

It’s no secret green groups were heavily supportive of a Biden presidency, both vocally and financially this election cycle. Now, they are calling on Biden to hold his campaign promises to take strong executive action on climate change and make it a top priority for his administration. Last week on CNN Biden acknowledged the pressure he’s been facing from advocacy groups who are, “pushing for more and more and more of what they want. That’s their job.”

According to Reuters:

While Biden united a range of groups from youth activists to labor unions behind his presidential campaign, he has already become the target of some green groups for considering cabinet picks with ties to fossil fuels. He will be under constant pressure in office to move fast on his environmental agenda – potentially more than ex-President Barack Obama was during his tenure.

“The honeymoon ended at the altar when the networks pronounced Biden president-elect,” said Jamie Henn, director of environmental group’s Fossil Free Media, which opposes the fossil fuel industry. “It’s Biden’s call if he wants that pressure with him or against him.”

We at Power the Future, have been warning of the control and power these green groups have over Biden. In a previous blog post, we cautioned, “It’s clear Biden has become more progressive due to the mounting pressure from radicals within his party to strongly address climate change. If elected, we wouldn’t be shocked if he was pushed even further left than his already radical climate plan.”

The article went on to say, “[Varshini] Prakash [president of the Sunrise Movement] said the group will use ‘every tool in its toolbox,’ from lobbying to protests and digital campaigns to hold Biden accountable to his young supporters – first focusing on his cabinet picks and then on his policy moves.”

It’s been apparent the progressive puppeteers behind the scenes have more to say on the policy proposals from Biden’s campaign than he does. We just hope these green groups that have Biden’s ear don’t push him further left on climate change than he already is.