Green Energy Projects Facing Big Push Back from Environmental Groups and Local Leaders

Green Energy Projects Facing Big Push Back from Environmental Groups and Local Leaders

October 17, 2022

Across the country, large green energy projects – including wind, solar, and hydropower – are all facing pushback from environmental groups and local leaders. The reason: these projects have significant environmental impacts. 

Fox News reports, “In recent years, proponents have aggressively pushed clean energy alternatives as part of their broader goal to reach net-zero emissions and transition away from fossil fuel energy in the U.S. and abroad. But wind turbines, solar farms, hydropower projects and critical mineral production — all key parts of the clean energy push — have all faced resistance in the form of environmental lawsuits, legal petitions and local movements.” 

Fox goes onto highlight different power sources and the specific challenges they present to the environment. They write, “The American Bird Conservancy, which predicts there will be 1.4 million annual turbine-caused bird deaths by 2030, has filed numerous lawsuits opposing wind projects and has advocated for stricter siting laws for wind developers.” 

The same is true for solar power, where local leaders are rallying against the construction of large solar panel farms – particularly when it means cutting down thousands of trees to build them. This is especially true in rural areas. 

Fox writes, “Overall, nearly 60 local municipalities nationwide have proposed moratoria on new solar development since last year, according to an NBC News report. The Solar Energy Industries Association, the nation’s largest solar interest group, highlighted such restrictions as an impediment to future industry growth. And grassroots efforts against hydropower dams and lithium mining have taken shape in the West.” 

People are waking up to the reality that green energy has real environmental consequences and is not a panacea for the world’s environmental challenges. As the Biden administration and its progressive allies continue to push green energy and a war on fossil fuels, they need to realize the environmental damage it could cause.