GREEN DREAM: Another New York Utility Stops Natural Gas Hookups Thanks To Andrew Cuomo’s Eco-Extremism

GREEN DREAM: Another New York Utility Stops Natural Gas Hookups Thanks To Andrew Cuomo’s Eco-Extremism

July 25, 2019

In February, we told you how extreme eco-policies from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had caused natural gas moratoriums, making it hard for New Yorkers to get natural gas. This made little sense, especially as production in Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and other states surged.

The Wall Street Journal reported that New York “missed out” on the natural gas windfall thanks to the misguided eco-ideology of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Earlier this year, Consolidated Edison, the utility that provides natural gas to the New York City area, announced that new customers in Westchester County would not be allowed natural gas connections.

The Wall Street Journal noted that the reason for this was “obvious” – “The Cuomo administration has repeatedly blocked or delayed new pipeline projects. As a Con Ed spokesman put it, there is a ‘lot of natural gas around the country, but getting it to New York has been the strain.’”

In fact, in response to this shortage, New York even began importing natural gas from geopolitical foes like Russia, of all places.

Now, Cuomo’s eco-crusade has claimed another victim – customers of National Grid, a utility that serves New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that National Grid is refusing “new gas service to businesses and residents in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island because of a standoff with the state over a stalled pipeline.”

In fact, National Grid has refused “more than 2,000 requests for service since May,” blaming it on the state’s rejection of the Williams Pipeline proposal, a needed pipeline that would connect New York to gas reserves in Pennsylvania.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resistance to needed pipelines are shortchanging New Yorkers who deserve access to fuel to heat their homes and power their stoves. In a time of booming domestic natural gas production, it makes zero sense that American citizens are being left behind.