Green Agenda Forces New Mexico Taxpayers to Enrich China

Green Agenda Forces New Mexico Taxpayers to Enrich China

July 16, 2020

Less than a year ago, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller stood proudly in front of newly installed solar panels at the city’s BioPark. He not only boasted how these panels would pay for 30 percent of the entire zoo, but he also pointed out they were simply a part of $50 million taxpayer investment in panel projects across the city. He doesn’t mention which companies are getting paid.

Take a look at the panels installed at the BioPark and you’ll notice they are from Jinko Solar. Apparently, they are the largest solar manufacturer in the world and headquartered in Shanghai, China. Those new panels at Ladera Golf Course? They were produced by Longi Solar. The company is headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China with manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, and India. There’s no telling how many millions in New Mexico taxpayer dollars have flowed to Chinese companies in the race to buy more solar.

Recently, Power The Future authored a study examining the links between Rare Earth materials in China’s renewable products.

For years, New Mexico’s environmental community has charged forward unchecked in its goal to grow renewables. They’ve ignored warnings about massive job losses and enormous revenue deficits in our state. Now, it appears they want to ignore our energy independence in favor of a nation that shows disdain for basic human rights and the environment.