Governor Newsom Plans to Phase Out Oil

Governor Newsom Plans to Phase Out Oil

April 30, 2021

California Governor Newsom has a lot on his plate at the moment. It was confirmed this week that there will be a recall election this summer. Instead of trying to gain support leading up to the recall election, Newsom continues to hurt his constituents with more radical eco-left progressive policies.

Earlier in the week, Governor Newsom used his authority to issue an order that would stop the issuing of fracking permits by 2024. Newsom has also asked California Air Resources Board (CARB) to evaluate pathways to phase out all oil extraction across the state by no later than 2045.

This announcement alone has caused a lot of backlash from the oil and gas industry. With companies pointing out that job losses and dependence on foreign oil will be inevitable if Newsom gets his way.

“This announcement, steeped in politics rather than facts and science, will bring about the loss of tens of thousands of good, middle-class, blue-collar jobs and double the cost of gasoline and diesel, adding more weight to the backs of already struggling California families,” Robbie Hunter, president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, told the Los Angeles Times.

According to EIA data, California is the second-largest consumer of all petroleum products combined. Clearly, the state is not ready for a ban on fracking and oil extraction. To do so would leave hundreds of thousands of people without jobs, skyrocket household energy bills, and only make the U.S. more dependent on foreign oil.