Good News for 30% of America’s Electric Grid

Good News for 30% of America’s Electric Grid

February 15, 2018

Here’s a headline for you from The Hill:

The Hill: Energy Department to invest $6.5M in projects aiming to improve the performance of coal

We use coal.  You can’t state that any simpler: we use coal.  It runs electric grids, it employed tens of thousands of people, and we have a lot of it.  A lot.  Nearly 500 billion short tons in reserve, according to the US Energy Information Agency.

Any government effort to make it more efficient, effective, affordable and cleaner is celebrated.

Come with me to coal country- meet some of the folks who work in the industry, see how smart, how industrious, how hard working and patriotic they are.  Come with me to their diners at 5am and meet the short-order cooks and servers who greet them each morning like family.  That’s coal: communities, people, and small towns.  All working to Power The Future, even those who protest them.

Right now, I’m using coal.  So if government wants to make it better,  we’re all in favor.

If you’re in the coal industry and want to share your story, let me know.  I’m all over the country, from Pennsylvania to California, and would love to meet you.  Or email me  Hope to hear from you!