Gas Prices on the Rise…Again

Gas Prices on the Rise…Again

February 14, 2024

You might want to think again if you’re going to drive and get your significant other something for Valentine’s Day. Gas prices are the highest they have been in 3 months. 

 Forbes reports,

“U.S. drivers saw the most expensive gasoline prices at the pump in three months on Wednesday as the national average price for a gallon of gas continues to inch up—and drivers can expect prices to keep surging as American refineries undergo maintenance and as conflict in the Middle East and attacks in the Red Sea threaten to push oil prices upwards.”

According to AAA, the national average is $3.25 a gallon. This is unacceptable, especially because prices are so high because the Biden Administration has made us dependent on foreign oil.

“The national average gas price has inched up for three consecutive weeks, according to GasBuddy data from more than 150,000 gas stations nationwide, with prices climbing 9.6 cents from a month ago through Tuesday, though analysts believe higher prices are on the horizon. Patrick De Haan, head petroleum analyst at Gas Buddy, said he expects large price spikes in March and April, arguing that recent “high-level” refinery issues do not “bode well for the spring squeeze.” De Haan also warned motorists to expect a “bumpy transition to EPA-mandated summer gasoline,” a higher-cost and more efficient fuel blend. Gas prices could also keep rising throughout the week, according to AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross, who predicted an uptick around Valentine’s Day.” 

The Biden administration has no answers for rising prices and instead continues enforcing punishing policies that worsen the problem. This is what happens when a president focuses on their eco-left supporters rather than America as a whole. Now, we must all face higher prices on everything from groceries to filling up a car.