Friday Lesson: Be Nice!!

Friday Lesson: Be Nice!!

April 27, 2018

DC can be a toxic place, especially if you ingest and regurgitate some of the hate that is regularly spewed by people who disagree with you. They don’t hate you for anything you DID, just for what you BELIEVE. Sounds a lot like… well… you can fill in that blank.

So when people write us nasty stuff, we just reply with some good humor and laughter. I mean seriously- this guy in the conversation below can’t hate me THAT much. He doesn’t even know me. But he does not like what Power The Future stands for (Rural America? Jobs? Protecting communities? Yeah… sooooo controversial). He’s not worth getting angry over (nor are the social media trolls who think I’m Russian). Really, I feel bad for him- but not bad enough to refrain from posting his email!

So, you be you, buddy! We’ll just continue our mission of promoting energy workers, American energy dominance, and rural communities while calling out the hypocritical billionaire ideologues with their nefarious political agenda. And if that makes you angry, that’s between you and your God and your American citizenship. We sleep well at night knowing we do work that brings about a better tomorrow. Heck, you may even say we power the future…

Want to send me an email? Would love to hear from you! Even the hater…

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