Frenemies? Not Even Alaska’s Eco-Left Cheering Biden’s Green New Tax

Frenemies? Not Even Alaska’s Eco-Left Cheering Biden’s Green New Tax

August 26, 2022

It has been over a week since President Biden signed the Green New Tax plan, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act.  While the initial hype was around the ways the Act would help middle-class Americans, the Left wasn’t able to sustain those lies. 

As more details emerged about armed IRS agents, the size and scope of increased government interference in day-to-day life and the sheer size of the unfunded liability for current and future generations, they had to change their spin.

Enter the $396 billion to save the world from the ‘existential threat’ of climate change.  That had to be the winning talk-track that Americans could rally behind, right?  After all, the changes to save the planet under the Act were supposed to appease everyone from the eco-warriors who had propped up the President’s climate agenda to critics of the President.

At least for those of us in Alaska, there were supposed to be ‘wins’.  But while pro-energy, pro-jobs Alaskans realize that the Act will harm our state much more than it will help, the leaders of some of Alaska’s and the U.S.’s largest radical environmental organizations hate it, too.

The Alaska Center noted the “bitter tradeoffs” and the “sacrifice of millions of acres of offshore oil and gas leases”, along with the pain associated with “coastal and Indigenous lands are Joe Manchin’s tradeoff for the compromise that got the bill through Congress. This is a bad compromise…”

The Sunrise movement’s email was more direct: “It [the Act] contains massive handouts to fossil fuel millionaires and Joe Manchin, who spent over a year manipulating our broken system for their own benefit, wasting time we simply don’t have. I’m furious that executives of oil and gas companies used communities on the frontlines of oil drilling in the Gulf and pipeline expansion in Appalachia as bargaining chips.”

If the zealots who hope to weaken America’s traditional energy hate it, and rational Americans do, too, let’s not mince words: We need to continue to fight for jobs, for energy independence, for energy security and for America.  Power The Future will do it with vigor here in Alaska, as the Great Land’s bright energy future is worth battling for every day.