Face Plant: Biden Falsely Claims He’s Already Declared ‘Climate Emergency’

Face Plant: Biden Falsely Claims He’s Already Declared ‘Climate Emergency’

August 10, 2023

President Biden has been touting his administration’s climate efforts across multiple western states over the past few days. But in Arizona, the President stretched the truth a little too far, or maybe he couldn’t remember the facts. During an interview, Biden falsely claimed that he had already declared a national emergency over climate change.

CNN reports,  

‘“I’ve already done that,” Biden said when asked whether he intends to do declare a climate emergency. “We’ve conserved more land, we’ve rejoined the Paris Climate Accords, we’ve passed the $368 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is the existential threat to humanity.”’ When pressed again on whether he had actually declared a national emergency, Biden said: ‘“Practically speaking, yes.”’ While Biden has taken a series of significant legislative and executive steps to combat climate change, he has stopped short of declaring a national emergency, which would unlock sweeping new federal authorities and funds to combat the climate crisis. Climate activists have called on Biden since the earliest days of his presidency to declare a national emergency.”

This is just the latest gaffe of Biden’s presidency. It is concerning to think that the man who can’t remember if a national emergency has been declared also holds power over America’s energy independence. 

Power The Future Founder Daniel Turner discusses Biden’s latest blunder, 

“The fact Joe Biden doesn’t know when he’s declared an emergency is scary enough, but the fact he’s considering it at all is even worse. Covid showed us that politicians will use emergencies to exercise overreaching power which is exactly what the eco-left wants to do to America’s families. They want to tell us what kind of car to drive, what kind of dishwasher to use and what type of stove to buy. The real emergency facing our country is the surrender of our energy independence and the ensuing economic disaster ushered in by President Biden.”