Extremist Org Cook Inletkeeper Leads Efforts To Stymie Approved Seismic Testing In Cook Inlet

Extremist Org Cook Inletkeeper Leads Efforts To Stymie Approved Seismic Testing In Cook Inlet

September 11, 2019

Last week, Homer, Alaska-based Cook Inletkeeper joined its national extremist cousin, the Center for Biological Diversity, in filing a lawsuit against the federal government, aiming to stop Hilcorp from moving ahead with seismic testing in its areas where it holds leases for possible future oil and gas extraction.

As noted in our earlier post on the subject, Hilcorp’s ability to complete seismic testing will allow it to map potential fields.  Cook Inletkeeper – driven to appease its Lower-48-funded handlers’ wishes to lock up as much of Alaska from responsible resource development, even when the development would allow for “green energy” projects – defends its fanaticism by declaring that seismic testing would guarantee damage and/or death to various marine life.

Those using logic – rather than fanaticism and feelings – to make decisions and guide their life choices need only look at the facts to see how ridiculous this suit is.  The fact is that the permit to conduct the testing was approved by Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), with specific timelines and conditions set for vessels, security perimeters and monitoring; all designed to minimize the impact on marine life.

None of that matters to groups like Cook Inletkeeper.  Thankfully, their track record of lawsuits is dismal.  Their continued radical viewpoints are scoffed at by most reasonable Alaskans, and their circle of influence is minimal.  The bad thing?  They continue to force themselves into Alaska’s world-class balance of environmental stewardship and responsible development.

Hilcorp’s ever-expanding presence in the Alaska oil and gas industry is welcomed by those who desire to see our state’s unemployment drop (from being the worst in the US presently), our state and federal coffers swell, and American energy independence and dominance continue to advance.

Power The Future applauds Hilcorp, gives a gigantic “thumbs down” to Cook Inletkeeper and its extremist positions, and continues to be bullish on Alaska’s responsible resource development future.