Extremist Groups to Alaskans, “Joe Biden Needs to Damage Your Economy Even More!”

Extremist Groups to Alaskans, “Joe Biden Needs to Damage Your Economy Even More!”

April 9, 2020

With Bernie Sanders’ presidential hopes all but dashed (once again), the always-anticipated showdown between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump has officially begun.

During his Vice Presidency, Biden referred to himself as “Middle-Class Joe.”  He talked about embracing the middle class and supporting working-class towns, like Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he grew up in the middle of coal country.

“Middle-Class Joe” is long gone now, and if various extremist groups have their way, his presidential campaign will move to the intense left, and be even worse for Alaska and our economy than it is currently.

Buoyed by the notoriety and influence they had with Bernie Sanders’ campaign, a plethora of groups sent a letter outlining a list of demands, if Biden wants their help ascending to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Among the demands?  A full embrace of the Green New Deal – a Socialist manifesto that would cost the average Alaskan household almost $85,000 in the first year, just for the energy components of the plan!  The Green New Deal calls for fossil fuels to be replaced by renewables, so goodbye, Alaska’s Cook Inlet and North Slope oil and gas development.  It calls for an end to fracking, which has fueled American energy independence, and for no further lease sales on federal lands (so goodbye forever, NPR-A and ANWR).  It calls for an end to combustion engines, so goodbye to Alaskans’ airplanes, boats, snowmachines and ATVs, as well as barges that currently bring 90% of our goods into the Port of Alaska.

If “Middle-Class Joe” listens to the extremists, Alaska’s already fragile economy would be devastated even further.  That’s if – and it is a big “if” – Biden finds a way to win in November, with or without the extremist groups that would make his presidency even more damaging to The Great Land.