“Extinction Rebellion” Spreads To America As Environmental Protestors Are Arrested In NYC

“Extinction Rebellion” Spreads To America As Environmental Protestors Are Arrested In NYC

April 19, 2019

On Wednesday, we told you how extreme environmental activists who call themselves the “Extinction Rebellion” were causing mass disruption in London. They shut down bus routes and traffic. They took over bridges and squares, set up roadblocks and even glued themselves to trains.

As a result, at least half a million London residents had their commutes ruined, not to mention the local businesses losing $15 million per day, reporting a 25% drop in sales.

The “Extinction Rebellion” did this all in the name of going “carbon zero” by 2025 – a goal that is scientifically impossible given current technology. Now, though, the protests have hopped the pond and spread to America.

This week, over 60 protesters from the “Extinction Rebellion” were arrested in New York City after engaging in a “die-in” sponsored by the activist group. “Extinction Rebellion” is not some disorganized social media movement – as evidenced by the fact that they dispatched their New York City “press liaison” to spin the media that their “demands” are reasonable.

Fortunately, the eco group’s New York branch hasn’t caused the level of mass disruption seen in London, at least so far.

The BBC reports that the protests in London have entered their fifth day, with over 570 people arrested so far. Protestors are threatening to disrupt Easter flights at Heathrow Airport. Police are forcibly removing activists from some locations.

This has to stop.

Fortunately, these extreme tactics turn most people away from the eco-activists and their wild views. Americans see through the eco-left’s typical false doomsday promises, activist antics and empty talking points. Americans want smart energy policies and a stronger economy, not stopped traffic and unreasonable demands. Sooner or later, the left will learn the lesson. For now, though, London is having a very bad week.