Exposed: Polis’ Supporters Reveal His True Colors

Exposed: Polis’ Supporters Reveal His True Colors

October 31, 2018

As the old saying goes, you are the company you keep.

While Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has been working to pitch himself as a moderate on energy issues, his friends in high places are betraying his true motives.

According to news reports, the far left environmentalist group the Sierra Club is using the campaign arm of their operation in a six-figure “comprehensive” push for Polis.

The Hill reports:

The Sierra Club’s Independent Expenditure Committee said its big push for Polis in the final week before Election Day includes phone banking, digital advertising and mailers.

The mailers focus on Polis’s support for renewable energy and protecting public lands, and argue that “Colorado’s public lands won’t survive” GOP candidate Walker Stapleton.

Polis has also gotten support from America’s favorite socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who campaigned for Polis earlier this month.

When you have socialists on one side and far left environmental groups on the other, it is hard to pitch yourself as a moderate.

But that is just what Polis is trying to do, at least on energy issues.

At Power the Future, we have been working hard to expose Polis’ hypocritical stance on Proposition 112, which would devastate energy workers in the state. Polis tepidly opposes the proposition all while supporting going 100 percent renewable by 2040, a policy that would destroy Colorado’s energy industry.

Polis is talking out of both sides of his mouth, plotting to destroy the energy workers right after they elect him into office. But don’t take it from us. Just look at who is pulling the strings of Polis’ campaign.

It seems Polis’ unholy alliances tell you everything you need to know.