Even The New York Times Can’t Ignore Biden’s Nonsensical Energy Policies

Even The New York Times Can’t Ignore Biden’s Nonsensical Energy Policies

November 2, 2021

You can tell things must not be going well for the Biden administration when they’ve lost The New York Times. Even the Times was forced to note the inconsistencies in President Biden’s position on energy and the environment:

GLASGOW — President Biden told a global climate summit on Monday that “we only have a brief window before us” to reduce the emissions from burning oil, gas and coal that pose an “existential threat” to humanity. But only days earlier, he was urging the world’s largest oil producers to pump more of the fossil fuels that are warming the planet.

The incongruity was on center stage both at the global climate summit currently taking place in Scotland, and in Rome this past weekend during a gathering of leaders from the 20 largest economies.

As PTF has previously noted, Biden’s strategy of asking OPEC and Russia to increase oil production while simultaneously cancelling the critical Keystone XL pipeline and limiting energy production in the United States makes no sense. For decades, the United States relied on foreign oil because we had to, now we’re relying on foreign oil because some misguided policymakers want to.

The Biden administration can run, but not hide, from the impacts of embracing the radical environmentalist agenda. Taking energy sources off the table makes energy less abundant and more expensive. It’s basic economics. But unfortunately, it is Americans who will be paying the price for this lesson.