Even The Left Is Slamming Bernie Sanders’ “Green New Deal”

Even The Left Is Slamming Bernie Sanders’ “Green New Deal”

August 23, 2019

Yesterday, we told you how Senator Bernie Sanders released the most radical “Green New Deal” we’ve seen thus far.

Sanders’ plan would cost a whopping $16 trillion. It includes forcing 100 percent renewable power by 2030, banning fracking, and even stopping fossil fuel imports and exports. He proposes “massively” raising taxes on the fossil fuel industry and targeting “investors” as well. If you have a 401k retirement plan, you’re likely invested in major American energy companies in some way. Bernie is targeting you.

Even the left thinks this is patently ridiculous.

For instance, Mother Jones – a prominent left-wing news site – is slamming Bernie’s plan. He gets a “D-” they write. They call Bernie’s plan, “the biggest, leftiest, most socialist plan out there.”

Specifically, Mother Jones makes clear that Berne would alienate way too may people. “Sanders practically revels in pissing off as many stakeholders as possible. He’s going to tax the rich. He’s going to hobble the fossil fuel industry. He’s going to ban nuclear power. He’s going to privatize electric generation and turn it over to the federal government.”

If you see an environmentalist who wants to reduce carbon emissions advocating for banning nuclear power – a form of zero-carbon power –  you know they’re not serious at all.

Mother Jones even calls out Berne’s “absurd promises” like creating 20 million union jobs out of thin air. “No he’s not,” they write. To his claim that electricity will be “virtually free” by 2035, “Oh please,” Mother Jones exclaims.

They also criticize his wild spending. Bernie would reportedly spend trillions to “weatherize homes,” trade in gas vehicles, and replace school buses. In fact, Bernie would spend around as much on research and development as he does on school busses

That makes zero sense.

It’s a box-checking exercise designed to appeal to every possible lefty constituency,” Mother Jones concludes.

That’s exactly right. It’s not a serious plan. It’s a farce designed to appeal to the most simplistic eco-left voters. The ones who don’t read beyond a headline and chug from their petrochemical-based Fiji water bottles while protesting a pipeline that would actually help them.

If even the left thinks Bernie’s plan is ridiculous, you know he’s gone off the rails.