European Climate Group Brings Eco Extremism to America

European Climate Group Brings Eco Extremism to America

October 8, 2019

Environmental protestors doused themselves in pools of fake blood on Wall Street on Monday and held a “die-in” to demonstrate their dire prognosis for the world’s environment. Yet, the only thing dying is there pipe dream of passing the Green New Deal or running on 100% renewable energy anytime soon.

The protest was led by environmental group Extinction Rebellion, who uses a disrupting “business as usual” tactic to pressure the government to reduce carbon emission to net-zero by 2025. Founded less than a year ago in the United Kingdom, they are now working to build a movement in America.

Russel Gray, an organizer with Extinction Rebellion said, “For people who are just trying to live their lives, freaking out about climate change and wondering what they can do about it, Extinction Rebellion provides a theory of change: using mass protests against corporate power to force systemic change, … If it works, it can solve those other problems too,” he said, like issues of education, health care and inequality that may seem more pressing to many Americans.”

These delusional eco-extremists are ignorant of the fact that the numbers don’t add up. The millions of American energy jobs that would be lost and the rise in energy costs for families across the country would be catastrophic and wreak economic havoc. Not to mention that current technology isn’t anywhere close to making 100 percent renewables an option.

Eco-extremists have never been big on facts, though, so this likely won’t slow them down.