Europe is Waking Up to Energy Reality. Why Won’t Biden?

Europe is Waking Up to Energy Reality. Why Won’t Biden?

March 21, 2022

President Biden is still living in denial. Despite the global shift the rest of the world has taken in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Biden continues to insist on punishing American energy producers in the name of climate change. Kim Strassel writes in the Wall Street Journal:

“The Joe Biden who showed up Monday at his first in-person fundraiser as president sounded like a man in a time warp. ‘Let me begin by saying: [Climate change] is the existential threat to humanity,’ he opened, proceeding to recite an environmental agenda identical to the one he campaigned on. Ukraine got one mention, and only then as further reason why Americans (among other things) need to ‘weatherize homes and businesses.’”

His administration’s policies over the last 14 months back up his words. Strassel continues:

“His administration is similarly proceeding as if Vladimir Putin weren’t exploiting his energy dominance to kill Ukrainians. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently announced a new pipeline review policy that will stop most projects. The White House continues its near-moratorium on new leases to drill on federal land and its block of Alaskan drilling. The president announced he’ll attempt to impose his Green New Deal via executive order. The House Progressive Caucus this week offered ideas, calling on him to ‘declare a national climate emergency,’ and use it to ban ‘fossil fuel leases,’ and force companies to build renewables under the Defense Production Act.”

What’s most remarkable is Biden insists on his war on American energy, even as the progressives in Europe are beginning to understand reality. The Green Party in Germany – who make up part of the governing coalition – has even acknowledged the need for more fossil fuels to wean Germany off of energy from Russia. Across Europe, nations are making similar moves.

“Germany’s government is stockpiling coal and expediting terminals for liquefied natural gas. Europe is working to get more gas through pipelines from Norway and Azerbaijan. Poland plans new nuclear plants. The U.K. may restart onshore fracking and ramp up North Sea drilling. Norway plans to expand Arctic exploration.”

Putin’s ruthless invasion of Ukraine has caused Europe to wake up to energy reality. Why won’t President Biden and his administration?