Establishment House Democrats Plan To Unveil Their Own Eco-Plan To Rival Green New Deal

Establishment House Democrats Plan To Unveil Their Own Eco-Plan To Rival Green New Deal

July 24, 2019

If you’re a supporter of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you should be fuming right now.

AOC has spent the past few months promoting her radical “Green New Deal” to undermine the US economy, destroy countless energy jobs, pay those unwilling to work, institute a government takeover of healthcare, and instill socialism upon America. She’s made herself the face of the eco-left.

But it seems establishment leftists have different plans, and they’re insulting AOC in the process.

Yesterday, House Democrats announced that they would unveil their own eco-plan to rival the “Green New Deal” this year. It’s a blatant attempt by the establishment to take the reins from AOC, and openly implies that they think AOC is just not up to the task of leading the eco-left.

Unlike the “Green New Deal,” which seeks to eliminate emissions by 2030, the so-called moderate plan being pushed by members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee would force the change by 2050.

Both of these are still extreme proposals that would decimate the economy.

In fact, a new report out this week from the Heritage Foundation found that reducing emissions by 2050 is “practically impossible” and would cost over 1.1 million jobs per year.

That’s an astounding figure, and it goes to show just how extreme both AOC’s original plan and the establishment Democrats’ plans are.

But that isn’t stopping the eco-left from starting a civil war with its own side. The Sunrise Movement, the eco-left group allied with AOC, is already out attacking the House Democrats’ plan as setting “an irresponsibly low bar for action.” They say forcing zero emissions by 2050 is “out of line with the science and it’s not real leadership.”

Well, given that zero emissions by 2050 is scientifically impossible, they’re right about that. Hopefully, the leftists behind this effort come to their senses and start putting the needs of energy workers and regular Americans over their own misguided ideology.