Environmental Activists Attack Cruise Industry Despite “Little Hard Data”

Environmental Activists Attack Cruise Industry Despite “Little Hard Data”

September 30, 2019

Environmental activists in recent years have taken a new tack in their environmental extremism. One after another, the eco-left chooses another boogeyman from plastic straws to cows. The problem is, no sacrifice of Americans’ regular lives is good enough.

The newest victim? Cruise ships.

Bloomberg writes that the newest bad actor the eco-left should target is the cruise ship industry. The article credits the effectiveness of “Flight-shaming” people who increase their carbon footprint by using air travel, apparently ignoring the never-ending U.N. Climate summits where officials fly from all over the world to have yet another pointless meeting.

Cruise ships are vital to the economy in places like Alaska, where the industry brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the state.

Power the Future represents energy workers, not cruise directors, but the point still stands. The environmental left is never satisfied, and it seems every week another group of workers is on the chopping block. Energy workers get this kind of treatment constantly from people on the left, who have no regard for the economic destruction their views can have. The worst part is they believe their efforts are so noble that facts and figures are merely an afterthought.

From the article:

“Although there’s little hard data on the industry’s carbon footprint, climate-conscious consumers have no doubt noticed that newer ships resemble giant floating cities.”

Although there is little hard data, climate activists are on the warpath. Sounds about right.