Energy Zero: John Kerry & Gina McCarthy

Energy Zero: John Kerry & Gina McCarthy

December 22, 2022

On the third day of reviewing energy in 2022, my true love gave to me: two of the worst energy zeros of the bunch, John Kerry and Gina McCarthy. These unelected and unconstitutional “climate czars” in the Biden White House did tremendous damage to America’s energy workers this year – and worst of all, they are accountable to no one. Both refused to give the public or Congress answers as to what authority they have and where funding for their staffs is coming from. 

The Boston Herald wrote, “John Kerry is being called out for his display of ‘cowardice’ for ducking questions about his blatant lack of transparency — while U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland had ‘no comment’ on the matter. The climate czar and featured guest at an MIT symposium on global warming rushed into an elevator surrounded by bodyguards to avoid the Herald’s questions Thursday. He didn’t address why he still refuses to list details of his office staff.” 

While Kerry refuses to answer basic questions, Gina McCarthy is apparently accountable… to environmentalists. She held secretive meetings at the White House with several ENGOs to discuss the administration’s climate change efforts and war on American fossil fuels. Included at the meetings were leaders from NRDC, the group McCarthy used to lead. That violates the Biden White House’s ethics pledge that McCarthy signed. But don’t expect Gina to answer for it. 

E&E News reported, “On a Monday in late October last year, President Joe Biden’s climate adviser Gina McCarthy convened influential environmental leaders inside the White House complex for a discussion about climate change policies…. The roster for the meeting — the biggest group the records show McCarthy hosting during her first year on the job — also indicates which climate change advocates have the ear of top Biden aides. Vice President Kamala Harris and McCarthy’s deputy, Ali Zaidi, also attended the meeting, according to a White House spokesperson.” 

Congress will never hear from Kerry or McCarthy before they leave Biden’s White House, but you can bet progressive green groups have been in close contact with them and pulling the strings behind the curtain. For the damage they have caused to America’s energy dominance and their lack of accountability, Kerry and McCarthy are PTF Energy Zeros of 2022.