Energy Workers Message to Santa Fe: “You’re Fracking Welcome.”

Energy Workers Message to Santa Fe: “You’re Fracking Welcome.”

October 28, 2019

New Mexicans who work hard in our energy industry are making national news as they stand up against the eco-left in Santa Fe.

A Sunday story in the New York Times highlighted energy workers who took a moment to talk about their frustrations with radical environmental policies that kill their jobs. Their feelings more than highlight the hypocrisy on display in Santa Fe, including:

“They love the money from our oil up in Santa Fe. But they treat us like dirt.”

“We’re a pillar of the economy, we’re thriving, so it’s hard to understand why they’re going after us.”

“We’re humming along, doing good for ourselves and making a load of money for New Mexico, but we know the rest of the state would get rid of us if they could.”

Allen Davis, the county manager of Eddy County, said officials had discussed printing T-shirts for distribution in the state proclaiming, “You’re Fracking Welcome.”

We couldn’t say it any better.