Energy Was a Hot Topic at the First GOP Debate

Energy Was a Hot Topic at the First GOP Debate

August 25, 2023

This week, eight presidential hopefuls faced off in the first presidential debate. We were pleased to see that the energy sector and bringing back America’s energy independence was at the forefront of most candidates’ minds. 

Power The Future Founder and CEO Daniel Turner shared his views with the Daily Caller,

“As someone who spends a lot of time in town hall meetings, debates, and question and answer sessions all across America, I enjoyed watching the fireworks at the first GOP Debate. No, I am not referring to the back and forth on abortion or Ukraine, but the question of climate change.

 Climate change is the gateway to energy cowardice. Political candidates are petrified to appear as “climate deniers” since all the cool kids, Hollywood elites, the media, all believe in climate change.  The fiery debate which followed, chaotic as it was, is crucial.”

The Biden administration has done virtually everything possible to stop energy production in the United States. On his first day in office, he canceled pipelines and, just this week, cut 6.4 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico available for oil and gas development. We need a leader who understands that using our resources here in the U.S. is not bad. We expect our next president to bring back our energy independence and the thousands of energy jobs lost. 

Thankfully, we heard a few quotes from the debate that offer hope for the future,

Ron DeSantis: “Open up all energy production. We will be energy dominant again in this country.”

Nikki Haley: “[The Biden agenda is] putting money in China’s pocket; India and China need to stop polluting.”

Vivek Ramaswamy: “This isn’t that complicated, guys. Drill, frack, burn coal, embrace nuclear. [Climate change is a] wet blanket on our economy.”

Tim Scott: “The best thing we can do [to help the climate] is to bring our jobs home from China.”

Doug Burgum: “The economy, energy, and national security are all tied together… if we’re going to stop buying oil from the middle east and start buying batteries from China we’re just trading OPEC for SINOpec.”