Energy Hypocrisy Madness: Prince Harry vs. Secretary Jennifer Granholm

Energy Hypocrisy Madness: Prince Harry vs. Secretary Jennifer Granholm

March 22, 2023

Today’s match-up includes a prince who wants us to believe he’s just like us and an energy secretary who finds domestic energy hysterical. Prince Harry and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm go head-to-head on who is the most hypocritical when it comes to the energy sector. Below we lay out why these two landed themselves on our Energy Hypocrisy Madness.

Prince Harry – In November, Prince Harry was the centerpiece of a climate award gala in Boston. The event had much pomp and circumstance, and they planned to give out awards for climate innovation and renewable energy. The problem? The policies he’s promoting have resulted in rampant child labor in Africa and empowered China. The renewable energy sources the prince is pushing rely on critical minerals like cobalt that largely comes from mines in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Wilson Center concluded that 40,000 children work in these mines and are effectively slaves. To make matters much worse, the supply chains of these critical minerals are dominated by China and enrich Beijing.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm – When she’s not laughing about domestic energy production, Secretary Granholm is openly admitting her hypocrisy. Secretary Granholm said that when it comes to transporting fuel, pipelines are the best option. Of course, Secretary Granholm cheerfully supports the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline because that’s what hypocrites do. All of this while she’s driven around in another gas-powered SUV. 

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