Energy Hypocrisy Madness 2024

Energy Hypocrisy Madness 2024

March 28, 2024

It is that time of year again; the pairings are set, so get your brackets ready! 

Power The Future’s “Energy Hypocrite Madness” tournament recognizes the top anti-energy hypocrites in the United States.

The bracket starts with the Elite Eight contestants, who have distinguished themselves by their extreme anti-energy rhetoric while still relying on the very fossil fuel industry they seek to destroy. 

Last year, Bill Gates took the crown; will he be a back-to-back champion? A new matchup will be posted on the Power The Future X (formerly known as Twitter) account every day, and the public will vote on who advances in the bracket.

The Competitors:

  • President Joe Biden – Perhaps no president has done so much, so quickly to erode American energy independence than the current occupant of the White House. He’s begged Saudi Arabia for more oil, cut a dirty deal with a dictator in Venezuela, leased the fewest acres of U.S. land for oil production since Harry Truman and given out billions of tax incentives to green energy. He drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to new lows while delivering the highest gas prices in history. The whole time, Biden never accepted responsibility for his failures and instead decided to blame Covid, Russia, oil companies and everyone else under the sun for his own failures. Now, American families are struggling through Biden’s colossal energy disaster — all entirely manmade.
  • Bill Gates – Founder Bill Gates almost has enough hypocrisy to land on the list twice. Gates is widely known for his elitist private jet travel while lecturing the rest of us on the climate. However, when confronted with his hypocrisy, Gates inexplicably responded that it’s acceptable for him to fly in private jets because of all the money he spends on offsets and to fight climate change.
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom – Newsom is a well-known climate cultist, yet even he can’t live up to the hype. Nearly immediately after he demanded Californians buy only electric vehicles, he begged EV owners not to charge them in order to keep the grid stable. Governor Newsom didn’t mention the fragile grid is a result of his push down the unreliable “green road.”
  • Climate “Czar” John Podesta—The newest unelected bureaucrat to step into the role of Biden’s Climate Czar, Podesta made himself right at home and has already made questionable ethical decisions. It seems Podesta had a significant role in Biden’s recent natural gas (LNG) decision to halt approvals of LNG exports. Podesta’s brother is benefiting from this decision.
  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – New York Congresswoman AOC is the darling of the environmental left, so much so they look past her hypocrisy. AOC famously declared the world only has 12 years to act on climate. Less than two months after those comments it was reviled she used ride-sharing services over 1,000 times despite the fact she’s close to the NYC subway. Of course, AOC’s urgency for the planet seems to also take a back seat to her Florida vacations.
  • Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm – When she’s not laughing about domestic energy production, Secretary Granholm is openly admitting her hypocrisy. Secretary Granholm said that when it comes to transporting fuel, pipelines are the best option. Of course, Secretary Granholm cheerfully supports the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline because that’s what hypocrites do. Despite all of this, Granholm finds time in her busy schedule to parade electric vehicles around in a failed road trip.  Where Granholm’s staff parked a combustion engine car in an electric vehicle spot, causing a young family to call 911. 
  • Climate Art Destroyers – It’s hard to miss our next group because they have been making a mess all over museums across the globe. These groups of extreme activists try to destroy famous pieces of art by throwing food and paint on them. In January they threw soup at the Mona Lisa, but their art attacks go well beyond that one incident.
  • American Climate Corps— One can only surmise the Climate Corps would focus on carrying out Biden’s 2020 campaign vow to “end fossil fuel.” Since taking office, his administration has done its best to make good on this promise.  This is another tax dollar waster that the Biden administration has come up with to help their reelection bid. Biden’s budget allocated $8 billion to fund the American Climate Corps and hire 50,000 government workers. This is more employees than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).