Ending the War on Coal

Ending the War on Coal

August 21, 2018

Today the Trump Administration’s EPA unveiled a new set of regulations for the Coal Industry.  Called the Afford Clean Energy Rule, this new framework creates a climate of certainty for the industry to operate successfully.  This is welcome and much needed support for an industry which employs tens of thousands of people in rural communities across the nation. Since January, the Department of Labor has added nearly 3,000 coal jobs because the regulatory uncertainty is disappearing.

President Obama had an ambitious anti-coal agenda, which thankfully, was never implemented.  His Clean Power Plan was blocked from implementation by the Supreme Court in 2016.  One year later, President Trump ended the US participating in the Paris Climate Accord and promised to end the War on Coal.  And yet… as if by “magic wand” greenhouse gas emissions are falling in the USA.

So, a little math:

No Paris Accord
No Obama EPA Regulations
Trump ending the War on Coal
Lower greenhouse gases and jobs returning

One need not be a mathematician, a coal enthusiast, a green activist, or a functioning adult to realize we are headed in the right direction.