Elizabeth Warren’s Green New Deal: MORE Bureaucrats

Elizabeth Warren’s Green New Deal: MORE Bureaucrats

June 5, 2019

Another day, another 2020 presidential candidate with their own “Green New Deal.”

This time, it’s Elizabeth Warren, and she’s adding her own ridiculous twist to the litany of eco-left proposals dominating the news – MORE government bureaucrats.

That’s right, Elizabeth Warren wants to create an entire army of them to force her “Green New Deal” on an unwilling public.

Warren rolled out her eco-plan yesterday, despite news coverage being dominated by Vice President Joe Biden’s formal embrace of the “Green New Deal.”

The Washington Post explains that Warren’s $2 trillion “Green New Deal” (more expensive than Biden’s) would be based on a massive expansion in government. She wants a “Green Apollo Program” and a “Green Marshall Plan” to increase green technology – very creative names. She would even replace the Commerce Department with the “Department of Economic Development,” and this department would oversee the “Green New Deal.” She would also create a new bureaucracy called the “National Institutes of Clean Energy.”

It’s hard to even keep track of how many bureaucracies she wants to create, but she promises “more than a million good jobs.” This seems doubtful.

When you delve into the specifics, it gets even worse.

For instance, Warren is also pledging “$1.5 trillion in federal purchases of zero-emission vehicles and other clean energy products.

Are we buying every new government bureaucrat a “clean” car? With that kind of dough, it looks like a possibility.

Unsurprisingly, eco-groups like Greenpeace are ecstatic.

“With this plan, Elizabeth Warren is seizing the enormous opportunity that transitioning to 100 percent clean energy represents for people across the country,” Jack Shapiro, a spokesperson for Greenpeace.

Warren’s plan might be a boon for government workers in D.C., but it would bankrupt our nation for dubious gain. Fortunately, as the Washington Post concludes, Warren’s plan is so extreme and farcical that it will likely never pass, regardless of which party controls Congress.