Elizabeth Warren’s Fracking Ban Is Blatantly Unconstitutional

Elizabeth Warren’s Fracking Ban Is Blatantly Unconstitutional

September 10, 2019

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, fracking has created a jobs boom across the country. A whopping 1.7 million jobs have already been created, and that number is poised to reach 3.5 million by 2035. The fracking boom has also helped boost U.S. oil and natural gas output, putting American on track to become a net energy exporter next year for the first time in seven decades.

That is, unless Senator Elizabeth Warren gets her way.

This week, Warren tweeted that on her first day as President, she would not only sign an executive order to ban new fossil fuel leases on public lands. She would also “ban fracking – everywhere.”

But, does the President of the United States even have the authority to sign an executive order to ban fracking?

The answer is no. Such an act would be a flagrant violation of the separation of powers and the Constitution. In other words, Warren is pledging to disregard the Constitution on her very first day in office.

The National Review explains that Warren’s plan to ban fracking everywhere is unconstitutional because “the executive branch’s authority over fracking is rather profoundly limited by statute.”

The Obama Administration tried to force regulations on fracking, only to be denied by the court. If unilateral regulations are unconstitutional, so is a unilateral ban.

Does the environmental left care about the constitution? It’s doubtful. For the eco-left, attacking the energy industry is paramount, no matter the costs or the principles that would be trampled to get there.