Electronic Vehicles Will Have No Measurable Impact on World Climate

Electronic Vehicles Will Have No Measurable Impact on World Climate

November 19, 2019

It’s been about 10 years since the government, under the Obama administration, first subsidized electric vehicles (EV). Yet, EV subsidies aren’t helping climate change at all.

RealClear Energy reports:

It’s important to note that there is no such thing as a “zero emission vehicle” because every car needs energy to be produced. In fact, EVs come with a host of high impact costs on the climate.  Lithium and nickel for instance – materials used to create EV batteries – are currently destroying certain parts of the world to fuel this artificial demand.

An analysis from The Guardian showed that EVs produce double to triple the carbon footprint of a conventional gas car. Even though EVs make up the difference after production and have a lower carbon footprint than their counterparts, they won’t even make a dent in reducing global temperatures.

The Manhattan Institute reports, “the overall reduction will be less than 1% of total forecast energy-related U.S. CO2 emissions through 2050. That reduction will have no measurable impact on world climate—and thus the economic value of CO2 emissions reductions associated with ZEVs is effectively zero.”

EVs do little to change the climate, and the tax credits go to the wealthy who least need them, thus creating greater economic inequality across the country with no benefit to the environment.

Americans should question the billions of dollars going into EV subsidies, money that could’ve been used to support green initiatives or at least have stayed in the taxpayer’s pocket.