Election Countdown: Colorado’s 4th Congressional Race

Election Countdown: Colorado’s 4th Congressional Race

October 22, 2020

Race: Colorado’s 4th Congressional District

Key Cities: Greeley, Longmont, Castle Rock

Matchup: Republican Ken Buck and Democrat Isaac McCorkle.

The Race:

The race for Eastern Colorado places Incumbent/Republican Ken Buck against Democrat Isaac McCorkle. The two candidates faced off in a debate on October 16 where energy, particularly the Green New Deal, were hotly discussed according to Colorado Public Radio:

“When it came to the Green New Deal, in a district that is reliant on oil and gas jobs, McCorkle offered his support, while Buck did not. The Green New Deal is a Congressional proposal to address climate change and income inequality, using significant government funding and regulation. 

Buck called the plan a “socialist disaster” that “America cannot afford.” He said it would put 200,000 people in the state out of work. Instead, Buck touted an all-of-the-above energy plan and “letting the market decide” which sources to pursue. 

But McCorkle pushed back, saying he wanted the district to avoid the fate of laid-off coal workers in Craig. He argued the fourth Congressional district needs an energy sector that’s more sustainable, and that the Green New Deal would actually expand employment in the energy industry.”


No polls could be easily found. However, the race is considered “Solid Republican” or “Safe Republican” and Buck has won the district by at least 60 percent of the vote since his election in 2014.