Election Countdown: California’s 22nd Congressional Race

Election Countdown: California’s 22nd Congressional Race

October 30, 2020

Race: California 22nd District

Key Cities: San Joaquin Valley

Matchup: Republican/Incumbent Devin Nunes vs. Democrat Phil Arballo

The Race: Representative Devin Nunes (R) has been in Congress since 2002 and it is clear why his district continues to send him back to Washington. California’s 22 district includes portions of Tulare and Fresno counties, which are known for their oil and gas production. Rep. Nunes has voted consistently to help expand America’s energy production. He voted “no” to both H.R. 205 which extends the ban of offshore drilling in the U.S. and H.R. 1146 which banned the exploration of oil fields in Alaska.

Poll: Clearly, Rep. Nunes has his constituents in mind when voting and they continue to support him. Cook Political has this race as likely republican and Real Clear Politics also ranks this race as likely GOP.