Eco-Left Spending Big to Take Over New Mexico’s Utility Regulators

Eco-Left Spending Big to Take Over New Mexico’s Utility Regulators

October 5, 2020

Why are radical, out-of-state environmentalists spending over $260,000 on a ballot question in New Mexico?

The answer is simple: they want to hide the consequences of the green agenda.

There is a constitutional amendment on the ballot for New Mexicans next month that doesn’t receive a lot of media attention, but it has the eco-left writing huge checks.

In New Mexico, the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) has authority over every state utility. When those utilities want to raise rates on working families, they have to get approval from the PRC. Currently, the PRC is made up of five elected officials, each representing a section of the state.

The ballot question before New Mexicans would take the PRC away from the voters and allow the Governor to appoint a new three-person group. Voters would no longer have a say on the people in charge of protecting their electric bill.

According to recent financial disclosures, the New York-based Environmental Defense Fund is spending over $260,000 on ads to convince voters the Governor should pick the PRC.

No doubt out-of-state environmentalists would be very happy to have their hand-picked politicians place eco-leftists on the board so they could then rubber-stamp any electric rate increase due to their green policies.

The eco-left wouldn’t be spending so much if they didn’t believe it was so important.