Eco-Left Plots Overturning Rule of Law to Advance Extreme Agenda

Eco-Left Plots Overturning Rule of Law to Advance Extreme Agenda

July 27, 2023

Despite already controlling the presidency and the Senate, the eco-left is determined to attack any threat to their extreme agenda, even at the cost of overturning the basic rule of law in our country. In the past couple of years, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has ruled on multiple occasions that extreme environmental regulations issued by the Biden administration exceeded their legal authority. Now, law professors are telling President Biden to simply ignore the Supreme Court and make up his own interpretation. 

The Free Beacon reports, 

“We urge President Biden to restrain MAGA justices immediately” by declaring that his “administration will be guided by its own constitutional interpretations,” Harvard’s Mark Tushnet and San Francisco State’s Aaron Belkin wrote in an open letter. “A president who disagrees with a Court’s interpretation of the Constitution should offer and then follow an alternative interpretation.”’

This year the court ruled 9-0 against the EPA in the case Sackett vs. Environmental Protection Agency—the ruling limits how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can regulate bodies of water. In 2022, the court also struck down the EPA in the case of West Virginia vs. EPA, centered on the agency’s authority to enforce climate standards for the energy sector.

The precedent suggested by these law professors would create a constitutional crisis and remove any checks on bureaucrats at the EPA. The orders of the Supreme Court must be respected and upheld. The fact that some on the eco-left are no longer willing to abide by this basic principle shows how dangerous and radical their agenda has become.