Eco-Left New Mexicans Make Biden’s List for Key Role

Eco-Left New Mexicans Make Biden’s List for Key Role

November 12, 2020

New Mexico currently has the 8th highest unemployment rate in the nation, went from a massive budget surplus to a deficit in less than 18 months and currently has the fewest energy jobs in a decade.

Apparently, that is the kind of “success” Joe Biden wants to take nationwide.

The New York Times is out with their list of candidates they believe Biden is considering as he takes on transition despite ongoing legal challenges.

According to the report, the front-runners for the critical role of Secretary of the Interior are nearly all eco-left New Mexican politicians.

  1. Rep. Deb Haaland – For some reason, the Congresswoman from Albuquerque isn’t a member of AOC’s “squad,” but she has all the credentials. Haaland supports the radical Green New Deal and in May of 2019 she told The Guardian “I am wholeheartedly against fracking and drilling on public lands.”
  • Senator Martin Heinrich – Technically, Senator Heinrich represents New Mexico although that’s not where he chooses to live. Heinrich has received massive amounts of cash from his fellow out-of-state radical environmentalists and proudly supports the Green New Deal…even though he didn’t vote for it.
  • Senator Tom Udall – As the Times article notes, Udall has consistently fought against energy jobs on public lands. And just like Heinrich, Udall voted against the Green New Deal before he was for it.
  • Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham – Governor Grisham has long auditioned for any job in a possible Biden administration and the NYT piece gives her a mention as a possible Interior Secretary as well. She is the champion of her disastrous “mini” Green New Deal and has told her eco-left allies “We need to transition away from fossil fuels.”

These positions are truly disastrous for energy workers as The Department of the Interior oversees well over 1 million acres of federal land for oil and gas development.

Also, it’s important to note Power The Future warned you about these dangerous appointees in our report from August, months before “the paper of record.”