Eco-Left Leaders Admit New Mexico’s “Mini” Green New Deal is Broken

Eco-Left Leaders Admit New Mexico’s “Mini” Green New Deal is Broken

January 4, 2021

After less than two years, supporters of New Mexico’s Energy Transition Act are admitting the controversial law is a failed promise. In an op-ed published in the Albuquerque Journal, three eco-left members of the state Senate are calling for changes to the law, also known as New Mexico’s “mini” Green New Deal.

While the Senators still embrace the terrible position of destroying nearly 100,000 energy jobs in their own state, they are suddenly concerned about what their bill may do to electric bills. They argue the bill needs to be changed to better protect ratepayers which is a shocking admission considering the lie told by environmental groups that the bill would actually save money on electric bills.

Perhaps the most damning admission from the Senators is when they point out they didn’t even know what was in the Energy Transition Act before they voted for it:

We were unaware that the ETA, in language tucked into the 82-page bill, effectively removed PRC authority to oversee the amount of compensation PNM would receive from its customers when it closes its old plants…”

The fact the eco-left didn’t know what was in their own disastrous bill speaks volumes. And make no mistake, because of their ignorance it’s New Mexico’s families who will pay the price.