Eco-Left Launches Attack on Trucking Industry 

Eco-Left Launches Attack on Trucking Industry 

July 10, 2024

Recent environmental regulations issued by the EPA that target heavy-duty trucks could have severe impacts on our nation’s economy, electrical grid, and agriculture industry. The cost to implement these new draconian regulations backed by the eco-left would be nearly $1 trillion dollars, according to the Clean Freight Coalition, with taxpayers bearing the brunt of it. A coalition of 150-plus Republican lawmakers are fighting back against this incompetency by calling for a withdrawal of the regulations. 

The Washington Free Beacon  reports,

“Overall, the EPA’s regulations apply to short-haul and long-haul tractor-trailer trucks, in addition to vocational trucks like delivery vehicles, garbage trucks, school and public transit buses, concrete trucks and fire trucks. The agency has projected that, as a result of the rulemaking, by 2032, up to 50 percent of new vocational trucks and 25 percent of new long-haul tractor-trailers will be electric.”

This is an ambitious goal considering less than 1% of US truck sales are currently zero emissions, not to mention the infrastructure needed for this is non-existent. Rep, Randy Feenstra (R., Iowa), who is leading the fight against these policies, stated, 

“On top of inflation, poor economic conditions, and other regulations, this de facto EV mandate on our truckers, manufacturers, farmers, and dealers will hike the cost of groceries, utility bills, and everyday goods that American families rely on,” he continued. “It’s also a deliberate attack on liquid fuels—including homegrown Iowa biofuels—that are vital to our energy, economy, and national security.”

These regulations make it clear that the Biden administration and the eco-left will continue to punish American workers, the economy, and the energy industry to achieve their fantastical goals. Increased regulation has never helped business; America needs an administration that supports energy independence and industry in order to save the economy.