Eco-Left Injects Revisionist History into California Blackouts

Eco-Left Injects Revisionist History into California Blackouts

November 9, 2020

Radical environmentalists can’t stand the fact that their “solutions” to our country’s energy needs don’t get the job done.

You might recall last August as national green leader California suffered through rolling blackouts, nearly everyone questioned their reliance on solar and wind. Fast forward to today, and everyone involved in the debacle definitely wants you to know it wasn’t the failure of renewables, it was our own failure.

Last month, California’s energy providers sent a report to Governor Gavin Newsom saying the problems that cause the blackouts were: Climate change and a failure to plan.

From the report:

In transitioning to a reliable, clean, and affordable resource mix, resource planning targets have not kept pace to lead to sufficient resources that can be relied upon to meet demand in the early evening hours. This makes balancing demand and supply more challenging. These challenges were amplified by the extreme heat storm.” (Emphasis added.)

First, let’s give the experts a little credit. After all, the mental gymnastics it takes to write such a sentence can’t be easy.

Second, we offer a simple question: If solar and wind are so reliable, why do planners need to compensate to meet demand “in the early evening hours?” What they are really trying to say is “The fact renewables are unreliable isn’t a problem. It’s the fact we didn’t have a plan to compensate for their failure that was the problem.”

Supporters of unreliable solar and wind are now on a charm offensive telling any eco-left reporter who will listen that renewables weren’t at fault.

It’s revisionist history, and we’re not falling for it.