Eco-Left Declares War on Summer Necessities

Eco-Left Declares War on Summer Necessities

May 3, 2023

As Summer approaches, the eco-left is declaring an all-out war on the necessities millions of Americans depend on in the heat. The Biden administration is considering new Environmental Protection Agency regulations that will outlaw the most affordable air conditioning models. This comes as many states and local legislatures are looking to ban gas-powered lawnmowers. 

Fox News writes on the new air conditioning regulations,

“Not to be left out, the EPA has a new proposed regulation that would put additional upward pressure on air conditioner prices by outlawing the most affordable remaining models in 2025. The agency is doing so because – you guessed it – these systems are deemed insufficiently climate friendly. Specifically, they use a refrigerant considered a potent greenhouse gas, while new redesigned systems have been engineered to use more environmentally-benign ones.” 

Now cities across the country are starting to ban gas-powered lawn care. Just The News reports, 

“Over 100 localities across the U.S. have imposed bans on gas-powered lawn care equipment, according to the Washington Times. They may soon be joined by Dallas, whose municipal Environment and Sustainability Committee last year recommended that the city “fully implement City-staff transition to electric equipment.”’

With environmental groups trying to take away our cars, gas stoves, and lightbulbs, we can now add air conditioning units and lawn care equipment to the list of what they seek to control in our homes. These new regulations are a major government overreach and must not go unchecked. We can only imagine what household item will be next on the ban list.