Eco-Extremists Shut Down DC In Hypocritical Protest

Eco-Extremists Shut Down DC In Hypocritical Protest

September 23, 2019

Mobs of eco-extremists are blocking streets throughout Washington, D.C. today in an effort to “draw attention to climate change.” Their effort, called “Shut Down D.C.,” is “timed to coincide with the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York, at which climate activists and leaders, including 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, are slated to speak.”

As the Washington Post reports, the eco-extremists want to “send a particular message to D.C.’s powerful political elite.” Their plan is to occupy major “heavily-trafficked intersections and streets” to shut down traffic. They want to “bring the city to a standstill,” one eco-extremist said.

But is it the elite who will be most affected? That’s doubtful. Anyone who happens to “live or work in downtown D.C.” will be harmed.

The environmentalists can say they care about helping Americans with their protest, but in reality, their policies would do just the opposite. We support the First Amendment right to protest, though this is a particularly obnoxious method. What we don’t support is their socialist enviro agenda, which would decimate the economy and cripple America’s future.

They can slow down commutes all they want, but the real people getting left behind are the Americans whose livelihood would be destroyed by their policies.