Dr. Fauci Now Thinks He Is a Climate Expert

Dr. Fauci Now Thinks He Is a Climate Expert

August 30, 2023

Last week, Dr. Fauci ventured a little too far out of his lane and made some bold comments about climate change and the “crazy weather” the U.S. is experiencing. Dr. Fauci is not a climate scientist and has no credentials or business weighing in on climate change.

The Washington Examiner reports,

“Dr. Anthony Fauci is the personification of the incoherent, anti-science pandemic response that millions suffered through for two years or more. So why are we still expected to entertain his opinions about anything, much less about areas of science where he has no expertise?

Not sufficiently run out of public life as he should have been after his lies and arrogant mistakes during the pandemic, Fauci has now decided to grace us with his opinions on climate change. Fauci said that the “climate change countering has to come from an international commitment” and that climate change is responsible for “the crazy weather that we’re having in this country.”’

Maybe Dr. Fauci is looking for a new career path after leaving the federal government in 2022. But we can say without a doubt that this climate scientist is not one that should be taken seriously. Power The future Founder and CEO Daniel Turner discusses Dr. Fauci’s climate comments,

“Dr. Anthony Fauci was immeasurably wrong on lockdowns, masks, and social distancing during the last government emergency and now he’s trying to put his fingerprints all over a fake climate emergency. This is the same failed bureaucrat who condescendingly declared that if you attack him, you’re attacking science. Now that he’s latched on the climate grift, Americans should be extremely worried anytime they hear talk of a climate emergency.”