Downstream Jobs

Downstream Jobs

February 6, 2018

The Energy Industry is more than the folks in the field. It’s uniform manufacturers. And hard hat painters. And coffee shop wait staff.

I spent some time in a warehouse in New Mexico that sells equipment and parts. The vastness of the space felt like the closing scene of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with thousands of boxes and parcels stacked high on shelves as forklifts zigzagged across the floors in precise coordination.

In this warehouse I talked to Chad and Jason. We spoke about their first jobs in the industry and their decades of experience. Now they are more behind the scenes, but no less critical to the industry. Proud New Mexicans for multiple generations, these guys were genuinely excited about the future of their state.

It’s amazing to see the growth in southeast New Mexico: population, industry, tax revenue, individual prosperity are all on the rise. As a nation New Mexico’s energy boom benefits us all, too. It’s a win-win!

Power The Future would love to meet more folks who work “downstream”. Share your story with us, and if you’re willing, invite us to your business or store or warehouse or diner. We’d love to meet you!