DOT Inspector General Investigating Pete Buttigieg’s Excessive Private Jet Travel

DOT Inspector General Investigating Pete Buttigieg’s Excessive Private Jet Travel

March 1, 2023

Despite his position on aggressive climate change action, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is finally being investigated for his excessive use of private jets. PTF discussed his private jet use months ago, and we hope this investigation will shed light on his eco-left hypocrisy. 

Fox News reports, 

“The DOT Inspector General investigation comes roughly two months following a Fox News Digital report that showed Buttigieg, who has repeatedly argued in favor of aggressive action to combat climate change, has taken at least 18 flights using taxpayer-funded private jets since taking office in early 2021. Flight records reviewed by Fox News Digital aligned with Buttigieg’s internal calendar obtained at the time by government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT).”

This behavior is hypocritical and a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. When many Americans continue to face unprecedented flight cancelations and disruptions, Buttigieg has continued to fly private, even on a Coast Guard plane and even when commercial options were readily available. This blatant misuse of taxpayer funds and exposes Buttigieg’s lack of credibility. 

Buttigieg’s use of private jets for official government travel is entirely unnecessary. 

“Government officials have access to the General Services Administration’s City Pair Program which enables them to fly on a variety of airlines at below-market flat fares. The program is designed to ensure low prices for official federal government travel.” 

There is no justification for Buttigieg’s excessive use of private jets, especially when several more economical options were reportedly available. The fact remains that government officials should be held to a higher standard, and the unnecessary use of private jets is not only wasteful but also sets a bad example for others.