Don’t Divest

Don’t Divest

April 10, 2018

Great op-ed today in the Santa Fe New Mexican about the dangers of “divestment.” These tactics make environmental groups feel good, and are symbolic “victories” which they can tout on social media and to their billionaire funders. But Professor Constantopoulos points out the obvious: all this hollow gesture does is hurt the future.

There are new technologies and new energy solutions being advanced every day. The advances which have revolutionized the capture of natural gas are barely a decade old, and the results have been quite literally revolutionary. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!? But one thing is for certain: the future is being pioneered by brilliant men and women working in laboratories that run on energy.

We are called “Power The Future” for a reason: the men and women working in the energy sector aren’t just making our today possible. They are making our tomorrow possible, and our tomorrow is bright.

New Mexico has a bright, bright tomorrow. There is an explosion of growth in the southeast we’ve documented here. And there is still great potential in the northeast. Rather than thinking about ways of punishing the energy industry, elected officials, like this great op-ed recommends, should be looking at ways for it to grow, advance, improve and make all our lives better.